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Ermagerd Custom Landscape Map

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Best Android Games 2012

As mobile gaming becomes ever popular, the need for quality games goes up. As an Android based phone user for the last couple years, I found that the quality of the games that was available when I first got a smartphone was, well, lacking. The Android Market’s games just didn’t even compare to Apple’s App Store selection. Over the last year, however, things have changed. Here is a lineup of the top 5 Android games that have kept my time wasted and fingers well exercised.

5. Temple Run

Temple Run is a fun game that puts you in control of an Indiana Jones like character that is running from some temple demons. You swipe your finger left, right, up, and down to dodge obstacles in your path while collecting coins you turn in for upgrades and abilities. It is a great looking and easy to pick up and play game. While it isn’t the most “deep thought” game, it becomes increasingly difficult and is a great time waster. Because of the recent release of a Sequel, Temple Run : Brave, pick it up off the Google Play store for FREE!







4. Death Worm

The first time I played Death Worm was actually off the Apple App Store and it was not as detailed and in-depth as the Android version I have been playing, You control an underground man-eating giant worm that is very reminiscent of enemies in movies such as DUNE, Beetlejuice, and Tremors. You play in waves with a goal of devouring or destroying numbers of enemies. With various game modes and stages, this game is certain to give you plenty of quality game time. Download it off the Play store for $1.99




3. Where’s My Perry

Where’s My Perry is what would best be called a sequel to Where’s My Water. The game ‘s basic goal is to get water to a defined inlet by digging a path through dirt and using various other substances, fans, pipes, and much more so that Secret Agent Perry (the platypus?) can move on to the next area. It sounds rather strange and to be honest, it is. BUT man is it fun. I suppose it would mainly fall within the Puzzler genre but it at the same time it doesn’t feel like a puzzler because of the amount of involvement in playing it. With quality graphics and physics combines with the addictive game play, you can’t go wrong with this one. Get it for $.99 off the Play store.







2. Where’s My Water

Yes, I know I put two of practically the same game in the top 3, but it’s just that good. Where’s My Water was the predecessor to Where’s My Perry and has tons of levels and achievements to get. The goal is the same, get water to a point to move on to the next stage. I have burnt hours playing this game and you can’t simply just play a little. It’s one of those “Just one more level” games. If you want to try one first, I would get Where’s My Water and if you want more (and you will), you can pick up Where’s My Perry. Grab Where’s My Water for $.99.








1. Super Stick Man Golf

This game is hands down my favorite mobile game. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t even like golf!”. FORGET IT. Neither do I.The goal is simple, choose the direction and power of the swing and get your ball into the hole. The stages are colorful, crazy, and challenging and there are a ton of them. I don’t know what it was, But I was compelled to get all of the achievements in the game which is a time consuming feat on its own. If you are looking for a simple yet addictive game with lots of diversity and playability, Don’t hesitate to pick this up. After all, the Developer Noodlecake Studios have announced Super Stick Man Golf 2 will be coming out soon. Best of all? IT’S FREE RIGHT NOW! Better get your practice!


Let’s Make Landcapes – Making a large Private Island Timelapse – MCEdit tutorial Minecraft Landscape Editing

The newest episode of Let’s Make Landscapes. In this episode, I built myself a private island in the middle of the sea. The original project took about an hour but I squashed the process into a nine minute timelapse. Enjoy!


Here is the download link for the map – http://www.cursemystuff.com/wp-content/uploads/Downloads/MCedit%20seed.rar

You can download the first song in the video at the following link. I just made it real quick in Mixcraft specifically for this video – http://www.cursemystuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Makingislandgroove.mp3

More Chrono Trigger Wallpapers

Made a couple more Chrono Trigger Wallpapers. 1600×1200. Enjoy

right click ->save as

MCEdit Tutorials for Minecraft Landscape Editing

I have recently been making video tutorials on how to use MCEdit for editing landscapes in Minecraft. The tool is extremely useful for large-scale editing of maps in Minecraft and can make creating giant floating islands and massive mountains a breeze. Here are all the episodes thus far -




Chrono Trigger Wallpaper

I whipped this up the other day because I was feeling an itch for a new wallpaper. I hope you enjoy it!



SectorTEN has launched!

My other site and webstore SectorTEN.com has finally launched and I couldn’t be happier. For years I’ve hand-cut vinyl stickers with an exacto knife to post on my car and show off what I’m passionate about (which generally tends to be video games) I’ve acquired a commercial cutter and plotter and can now make any design I please. There is a large section of many video game related stickers which I am especially proud of and it is ever-growing by the day. The site is still very young and the amount of designs are constantly growing. Purchases are though paypal so drop by and get something to show your love for the things you love!


Baby Mario Nursery (now featured in Nintendo Power! 10/12)


This is a nursery my wife and I made for our son last year. It’s themed in Baby Mario (Yoshi’s Story). Since we are both huge video game fans, we wouldn’t have it any other way. The walls are hand painted by my wife and the stained glass window (which is now hanging in the window) was done by a family friend as a gift. I hope you enjoy them!





Our Nursery was fortunate enough to get a column in Nintendo Power October 2012 issue. Super Awesome!

If All My Facebook Friends Got Together

Picture says it all. Ballpoint Pen on Copier Paper while at work bored out of my mind.